Thursday, 21 May 2009

FTAC = ThinkPolice???

This article will be the first of the "BigBrother Uk" series. On it, I will expose how the british government is gradually deploying a totalitarian state, on lines of the book/movie 1984.
There are thousands of CCTV's in the roads, laws controling the internet, photos forbidden on the streets, among other things that appear more a orwellian movie.

This post is about the FTAC, or "Fixated Threat Assesment Centre¨, and its use to intimidate critics of the government. Sounds strange, but this department, established secretly in 2006, mix physicians with police, to find and investigate people that can be a threat to themselves or to others.

In 2007, Tony McNulty, answering a question during a session of the parliament about the FTAC, answered:

"The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) was established in order to better protect the public and vulnerable individuals in response to evidence that a significant proportion of people who engage in bizarre communications or contact with prominent people in public life are severely and acutely mentally ill and urgently need professional help. A small but significant number of such individuals can pose a risk to the public, the prominent person, and themselves, particularly in environments where there are armed police officers. The Home Office, the Department of Health and the Metropolitan Police Service agreed to establish a joint police/mental health unit, on a pilot basis, to assess and manage the risk posed by such individuals. Where appropriate, FTAC will introduce (or reintroduce) the individuals into existing community mental health care through established pathways. If offences are disclosed, and the circumstances warrant such intervention, consideration will also be given to a criminal investigation."

In the timesonline, the police department states:

"The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre is a joint initiative between the Metropolitan Police, Home Office and Department of Health. Its role is to assess, manage and reduce potential risks and threats from fixated individuals, against people in public life, particularly protected VIPs. Fixated individuals are those who are abnormally preoccupied with certain ideas or people. Research has shown that a small minority exhibit violent behaviour"

Well, you can easily feel that something here doesn't smell very good. From using this law against someone that criticize the government is a very very short step. Well, that's was exactly what happened.

Bring "Mr.X", a citizen that in a letter to Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary, called her a communist. What surprised Mr. X was when he got to know that his GP had received a letter from the FTAC, after direct instructions from Jacqui Smith!!!!!

Michael Dewar, in his blog says:

"A person incarcerated by a psychiatrist has no rights whatsoever. Even Stalin had to produce his prisoners in court eventually. The miserable occupants of Guantanamo retain the certainty that one day they will face justice, or at least that they will have their day in court; the occupants of psychiatric prisons have no such comfort. It is a thin line that separates a rule of law democracy from a totalitarian dictatorship. The FTAC crosses that line. For many years our individual freedoms have been incrementally cut away. The FTAC rips the flesh off freedom and lays bare the bones of repression for all decent and honest people to see."

What really pisses me off is that any of this reaches any newspaper. Well, actually doesn't surprise me that much, knowing the influence of the Elites over the mainstream media..

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  1. I can confirm that the FTAC is every bit as bad as it sounds. I know this from personal experience.